unum exitus 3 filum extensio spinalis
  • Air Prounum exitus 3 filum extensio spinalis

unum exitus 3 filum extensio spinalis

nobis copiam unum exitus 3 filum extensio spapudalis autem altum qualis apud CCC, 3C probationibus dicant. nobis studiosissimus ipsi ut extensio spapudalis multis annis, coverapudg maxime autem Europae et American forum. nobis sunt exspectat ut facti sunt vestra longa-termapudus socium apud Chapuda.

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depictio producti

Status Funiculum: Tractus III de outlet PROLOGVS 1.Product Album


Consuetudo et plug funem extensum Sacra Funiculus extensio extensio manus funem extensum nervum velit extensum funem amet extensio funemque GFCI; salus gentium aperuit exitum approbationes; Manufacturer complian. maius nostri products: ul Americae Septentrionalis cul extensio funibus; VDE Europa / GS / CE Germania; Italy extensio funibus; Australia / Zealand SAA extensio leads; Canada; Iaponia PSE nil extensio extensio and Israel funem ostium tabernaculi.



2. Product parameter (Specification) Una ex Outlet Tractus III User Trogus


Locus originis:

Zhejiang; Sinis (continentis)

Notam nomen:


Model Number:



Extensio funis

Plug type:

GB III MMXCIX ex obturaculum filum


III User exitus Album



probationibus dicant:


Current rated / intentione

10A; 250V

Vectes quoque et numerum Wires:

II polus2filis

Funem longitudine

V metris; 10m; 20m; longitudo more

qualis Ratio




FORMA exteriores Material


Insert obturaculum Material


Ferrum Material:

Nickel iactaret aes

Cable Specifications:

Et facta est consuetudo Latin

Outject filum Material:


Environmental certificaciones:




3.Product Feature And Application of the Single Outlet 3 Wire Extensio funis


Custom long; color extension cord for extended range and easier access to a power outlet; Ideal for household; home-improvement projects and working outdoors just got easier. Use the Cablesgo extension cord to plug in your electric drill; sander; circular saw; or other power tool and move about your workspace with ease. and more. Female connector attaches to device’s power cable; male connector plugs into a standard outlet The extension cord also helps ensure flexible mobility with lawn care and other projects like using the electric pressure washer to clean the deck or the electric lawnmower and weed whacker to prepare the backyard for your next gathering.



4. Production Details of the Single Outlet 3 Wire Extensio funis


China Extensio funis Single Outlet 3-Wire comes in Black or Aliquam for easy coordinating with surrounding decor.We can also product the extension cord comes in a variety of sizes. Choose from 1-meter; 1-meter; 3-meter; 5-meter; 10-meterlong; 20-meter (each sold separately) to accommodate the specific amount of length needed.



5.Product Qualification of the Single Outlet 3 Wire Extensio funis


Facultates copia; Motet; (X) / mense per fragmina

Certification:CCC; 3C



6.Deliver; Shipping And Serving of the Single Outlet 3 Wire Extensio funis


I) temporis .Delivery
~ XXX negotii intra XV dies post depositum receipt.
II) .Packaging
    Wood case for electric parts; accessories;large sections will be loaded onto bulk   cargo ship after packing.
III) .Transportation
dies fere V ad X dies ad portum destination.
IV) termini .Payment
   FOB; CFR and CIF are common trade terms.We can accept 30%T/T in advance; the balance paid before shipment.
V) .Installation
Installation bigas online spatium offerre possumus institutionem vel ad loci situm esse potest ad install mos.
VI) .Warranty
Non erit reus ad victum nostrum productum nisi ipsa species est forsit per unum annum post accipiens.



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