mains cylindro Reel Sursum hamo, plumbum
  • Air Promains cylindro Reel Sursum hamo, plumbum

mains cylindro Reel Sursum hamo, plumbum

Bohaofunems praebet manufacturer Australia mains cylindro Reel Sursum hamo, plumbum 10M / 15M / 20M mains imperium copiam Optio apud 2 USB 2.1A 5v outputs Conferti subeunt Quinque portuum & DUXERIT Lux, manufacturer auxilium et Fabricatio technica drawings, Buying Australia mains cylindro Reel Sursum hamo, plumbum, obsecro, contactu Bohaofunems, Sina ILLE funem reel

mitte Inquisitionis

depictio producti

Mainz; L. Cornelius Reel Rollerus 1.Product parte Prænotanda Ordinis Sursum Plumbum


Optio sit amet turbabuntur sit solutum in capite ager mobilis facilioris Transmissus (potentiae; media et notitia) debitum ad eius features ut spatium parva institutionem; convenient sustentationem; uti reliable et humilis sumptus.



2. Product parameter (Specification) et Rollerus Mainz; L. Cornelius Reel Sursum Plumbum


Locus originis

Zhejiang; Sinis (continentis)

Notam nomen


model Number



Reel cable


Australia 10A obturaculum (Available CEE 16A plug)

longitudinem funem

10-25 metris



qualis Ratio


USB portus,

II x 5V / 2100mA

obturaculum Insert Material


Cable Specifications

H05VV-F/H05RN-F/H07RN-F/H05RR-F  3X1.5mm2~3X2.5mm2



environmental certificaciones




Application de 3.Product Feature: et Rollerus Mainz, L. Cornelius Reel Sursum Plumbum


1) Two USB ports for recharging mobiles;tablets and other devices. 

II) I duxerunt per noctem in inaedificata LXXIV DUXERIT lux lucis. Praesidium summa cum constructum- in RCD. Verticitatem ad rectam fidem aedificatur circumiens monet light.Extra ruptor.

3) IP44 dust & splash proof;â €240v-hamo sursumâ €plug in ut site post linamentis opus maius. Max Output: Lond Maximum: 1000W / 240v plene dividet vulneraâ €3000W / 240v plene evolvatur.

4) This Cable reel with over-heat protection apply to family; factories ; school etc.The Mains Roller can also be used as an RCD protected extension lead at home with a Australia Mains obturaculum To 240V Hook-Up Adaptor.



4. Production Details of the Mains Rollerus L. Cornelius Reel Sursum Plumbum-


Australia Mains Roller Reel Hook-Up Lead with safety protection features such as an integrated RCD; circuit breaker and polarity warning light; has about 15m extension cable; 3  AS sockets; 2 USB ports and one bright LED light. The cable plugs directly into campsite 240V electric hook-up point. The 74 LED light can be switched to a single LED night light and the 2 USB ports allow you to keep phones and other devices charged.





Quid de L. Cornelius Reel Rollerus enim 5.Product Mains Sursum Plumbum-


Facultates copia; Motet; M / mense per fragmina



6.Deliver;Shipping And Serving of the Mains Roller Reel Hook-Up Lead


I) temporis .Delivery
XX res in ~ XXV dies post depositum receipt.
II) .Packaging

Export cartons; pallets or wood case for electric parts and accessories.

Packaging Details:

Cubits ISBN: 32cm x 30cm x 18cm

Ad pondus 3.8kg Longitudo plumbum: 15m

II) .Transportation
Per mare vel per aerem.
IV) termini .Payment
   Wire Transfer; Paypal.We can accept 30%T/T in advance; the balance paid before shipment.
V) .Installation
Possumus offerre online spatium installation.



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