brazil IEC 320 C15 imperium spinalis
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brazil IEC 320 C15 imperium spinalis

nobis copiam brazil IEC 320 C15 imperium spapudalis autem altum qualis apud CE, Gaudium probationibus dicant. nobis studiosissimus ipsi ut imperium spapudaliss multis annis, coverapudg maxime autem Europae et American forum. nobis sunt exspectat ut facti sunt vestra longa-termapudus socium apud Chapuda.

mitte Inquisitionis

depictio producti

1.PrOduct parte PrænOtanda Ordinis Brazil IEC CCCXX C15 POwer COrd


Ad implendam necesse medullam pOtestatem sufficientem pOtestatem quantum acie. Et cOniungere electrica prOducts vOlt ex CXX ad CDLXXX vOltage applicatiOns. Electrical mains habet pOtestatem nOstra prOducts Funiculus, manet pOtentia cable, Outlet Funiculum: vOx iungO, POwer COrd switch, pOtentia Funiculum: et Plug, cum switch POwer COrd, etc. Et venerunt trans debere multa dOminia funibus, qui sunt in alia adjumenta, et bases tOtidem. Haec Omnia necessaria sunt pOtestate vel munere funiculi machina quadam cOniuncta murO supputatis.



2.PrOduct parameter (SpecificatiOn) CCCXX in IEC Brazil C15 POwer COrd


LOcus Originis:

Zhejiang, Sinis (cOntinentis)

NOtam nOmen:


MOdel Number:



virtus funibus

Plug type:

Brazil III grOunding Obturaculum filum



prObatiOnibus dicant:

InmetrO, TUV

Current rated / intentiOne:

10A, 12A, 16A, 250V

Vectes quOque et numerum Wires:

II III pOlus filis

Funem lOngitudine

1.0 metri 1.5m, 1.8M cOnsuetudine tandem

OppOfinis situs;


Qualis Ratio:




 Outer MOld Material:

PVC, Purgamentum

Insert obturaculum Material:


Ferrum Material:

Nickel cOated Brass

Cable SpecificatiOns:

Standard and custOm made

Outject filum Material:

PVC, Purgamentum,TPE,Textile

EnvirOnmental CertificatiOns:



Plastic film,CartOn bOx/OptiOnal



3.PrOduct Feature And ApplicatiOn Of the Brazil C15 IEC CCCXX POwer COrd


NBR (XIV)CXXXVI Brazil POwer COrd Plug, 10Amp 250 VOlt AC, 2 POle 3 Wire NOn-GrOunding Brazil POwer COrds, POwer Supply COrd Sets tO COnnectOr Standards IEC 60320 (320) C-15, C-15 LOcking, C15 right angle,IEC C15 custOm made waterprOOf. Brazil NBR (XIV)CXXXVI (Brazilian 10A,12A,16A / 250 V) and cOmpatible types (Type N), cOnnected with a three-wire grOunding plug max rated at 16 A , 250 V defined by InmetrO, TUV. The Brazil AC plugs and SOckets are mOslty used in Brazil Only.



4. PrOductiOn Details Of the Brazil C15 IEC CCCXX POwer COrd


Brazil POwer COrd IEC 320 C-15 are black, white as standard cOlOr. Brazil virtus funibus in gray Or custOm cOlOrs are special Order. CustOm length and shielded Brazil AC pOwer cables available. hanked Brazil cOrds available. IEC C15 lOcking type cOnnectOrs available On sOme Brazil AC virtus funibus.Available IEC 60320 C15 Types.



5.PrOduct QualificatiOn Of the Brazil C15 IEC CCCXX POwer COrd


Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per MOnth

CertificatiOn:InmetrO, TUV



6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving Of the Brazil C15 IEC CCCXX POwer COrd


I) temporis .Delivery
    Within 15 ~30 business day after the receipt Of depOsit.
II) .Packaging
    WOOd case fOr electric parts, accessOries;large sectiOns will be lOaded OntO bulk   cargO ship after packing.
    generally 5 days tO 10 days tO destinatiOn pOrt.
IV) termini .Payment
   FOB, CFR and CIF are cOmmOn trade terms.We can accept 30%T/T in advance, the balance paid befOre shipment.
   We can Offer Online distance installatiOn Or the installatiOn team can be sent tO lOcal site tO install fOr custOmer.
VI) .Warranty
   We'll be respOnsible fOr maintenance if Our prOduct itself has quality prOblem during One year after receiving.



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